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Photo Credit: Terri Johnson

Jocelyn O'Neill
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Traveling, reading, and volunteering are a few of Jocelyn’s passions. In 2018 she got her first taste of traveling when she studied abroad in South Africa. Since then she has been to 3 other countries and hopes to travel the world. When unable to travel by airplane she travels within the pages of a book. Some of her favorite books are the Harry Potter series and the Hunger Games trilogy. Currently, Jocelyn is storing her books at her apartment in Forest Lake, Minnesota. In her apartment you can find her cat, Marina. Marina keeps Jocelyn busy by playing with laser pointers, running around the apartment, and demanding to be pet. When Jocelyn is not at her apartment, she is working as a Child Protection Social Worker. Being a Social Worker allows Jocelyn to help people as a career.
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