The Former Queens are comprised of a group of women who have all had the honor of serving as Queen of the Snows of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival. Membership is open to those that have served in the role of Aurora, Queen of the Snows. In addition to the well-known annual High Tea, the Former Queens engage in many fund raising activities in service to the community, hold productive monthly meetings, and have been a major supporter of the the Children's Home Society & Family Services, among others.

Candidate Information

Each January, five ladies will be chosen to serve as Aurora, Queen of the Snows and the North Wind, East Wind, West Wind and South Wind Princesses. These five Royal Women will be given the opportunity to be public relations ambassadors for this community and travel around the state of Minnesota as well as nationally, to spread the lore of our incredible community of Saint Paul! Being an ambassador for the city of Saint Paul is truly an opportunity of a lifetime!

To get information on the candidate program and download the Queen of the Snows candidate packet, visit the Winter Carnival website. The website content is seasonal and available online from September - November each year or you may use the "Contact Us" feature to have information sent to you once it is available. To take part, you can download a Queen of the Snows candidate packet which contains all of the details necessary to participate. We wish you the best of luck!